Tomas Libertiny’s bees make pottery.

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The Honeycomb Vase by Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny (click for more)

This vase is basically an artwork by the bees themselves. Tomas initially made a base with a hive shaped like a vase and left the rest of the job for bees to do. The bees made honeycombs around it and this little wonder came into existence. It took 40,000 bees a whole week to complete the vase. Another thing to marvel about here is that the bees did such a smooth job around the curve of the vase that it almost looks like it was made in a potter’s wheel.

Title: The Honeycomb Vase
Material: Beeswax
Year of Artwork: 2005
Artist: Tomas Libertiny
Birthplace of Artist: Slovakia

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